Welcome to the Occupy Research Collective!

Welcome to the Occupy Research Collective!

We are an open group of activist-researchers based in (but not limited to) London, inspired by and in solidarity with Occupy London and the global Occupy movement. We are open to anyone so please get in touch and become part of our network.

The best way to stay up to date and get involved is to join our mailing list, here: http://groups.google.com/group/reading-occupy

You can also contact us by email here: occupyresearchcollective@fastmail.co.uk

And you can sign up for email updates from this blog on the front page.

Our general aims include: to foster a network of activist-researchers within and around the Occupy movement; to bring together disparate modalities of research and researcher, from students and academics, to social and community researchers working outside the academy, to unofficial researchers – anyone interested in thinking and doing research for the sake of activism, social change, education, etc; to experiment with alternative, collective ways of doing, disseminating and collaborating on research and publishing; to help counter the increasing neoliberalisation of education and the research environment; to support each other as radical researchers.

We have previously held reading groups on issues relevant to Occupy, but we now hope to weave the reading group model into a practical framework of active research, by hosting events, writing collectively for existing publications, publishing our own journal, etc.


A call out for our first major Convergence, focusing on Occupy Research Ethics. It will be held at the end of June in London, organised as a series of workshops on issues of ethical action research.

Next planning meeting: 21st or 28th May. If you’re interested in attending (and please do!) you can use this doodle to tell us which of the two dates you can attend: http://doodle.com/y2mqvwrauh7a9cxw

There is also the prospect of getting funding for being an outreach-focused  activist-research collective, with which we hope to host another event, or produce a publication, so exciting things are on the horizon.

Hope to see you on the streets for the 12M and 15M Occupy actions.

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One Response to Welcome to the Occupy Research Collective!

  1. I no this maybe a bit late…
    have u guys considered Action research asa model/ methodology based on critical theory and community development principles dating back to the 70’s ???
    regards Gareth
    PS yeh OK voluntary research on Occuppyisms globally might b cool
    contact me as below
    I rside in Noosa, australia…Born In Hammersmiff! 1957!! yeh!

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