Ethics of Researching Occupy

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3 Responses to Ethics of Researching Occupy

  1. Shiv says:

    Greetings. Can anyone who was at this session let me know whether digital privacy and surveillance issues were discussed in any detail here, and whether anyone in the group has already developed a set of principles to deal with them? I’m interested in having a chat and helping develop that, if needed. Cheers.

  2. spaceboy_psy says:

    Hi Shiv,
    Do you mean in terms of researching Occupy specifically, or in activist communication more generally?

    • Shiv says:

      Well, both, really. One of the informal discussions we had at ICA back in May had to do with privacy and surveillance issues. One participant suggested then that we ensure that any digital data we collect (pictures, videos, etc) need to be edited at the very outset to blur out identities. Have people talked more about this idea since then?

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