Next meeting: Tuesday 27th 19:30 at UCL

The most popular day of choice for our next meeting has been decided as Tuesday 27th November. It will be at 19:30 at UCL Pearson Building (where meetings have often been held), room 305 (3rd floor).


To find Pearson building, when you enter the Quad from Gower street turn left and the entrance is in the corner nearest to Gower St, the NW corner. Enter the black door by the ramp in the corner, turn right and go to the third floor (there is an elevator as well as stairs). See this UCL map for location of Pearson Building. This google map shows the exact position of the big black door you need to enter through.

A phone number has been distributed via the mailing list for anyone who gets lost.


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2 Responses to Next meeting: Tuesday 27th 19:30 at UCL

  1. Mo Afshary, Kent Law school says:

    shame! I was hoping to make it to the meeting this time to meet you all good people, but i won’t be able to travel to london from canterbury on that day. Hope it goes well and be good to get some sort of press release afterward.
    in solidarity

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