Autonomous Texts

In direct support of a reading group some of us are involved in, and in general support of making useful texts widely available, here are some readings on open and autonomous Marxian strains. Please report any broken links, corrupt files, etc. (If you’re in the reading group do that to the mailing list as the ORC email isn’t checked very often these days).


1. Critical Engagements with Holloway (May 19th)

De Angelis, M., 2005. ‘How?!?! An Essay on John Holloway’s Change the World without Taking Power’, Historical Materialism 13(3): 233-249 (text available here)

Cockburn, C., 2012. ‘Who are “we”?, asks one of us’, Journal of Classical Sociology 12(2): 205-219. (text available here)

Stoetzler, M., 2012. ‘On the possibility that the revolution that will end capitalism might fail to usher communism’, Journal of Classical Sociology 12(2): 191-204. (text available here)

Eden, D., 2012. ‘A critique of Holloway’, in Eden, D., 2012. Autonomy: Capitalisms, Class and Politics. Farnham: Ashgate, 239-254. (text to be supplied on list)


  1. Operaismo ( June 2nd)

Tronti, M, 1964. ‘Lenin in England’, Classe Operaia. Available online at:

Tronti, M, 1965. ‘The strategy of refusal’, available online at:

Panzieri, R., 1964. ‘Surplus value and planning: notes on the reading of Capital’, available online at:


  1. Class Composition and Autonomia (June 16th)

Bologna, S., 1977. ‘The Tribe of Moles’, available online at:

Bologna, S and Cuninghame, P., 1995. ‘From an Analysis of Autonomia: An Interview with Sergio Bologna’, available online at:


  1. Autonomia and Self-valorisation (June 30th)

Negri, A., 1979. ‘Domination and Sabotage’, (text available here: Autonomia containing Domination and Sabotage; also, chapter 5 here is a longer version and different translation of the same text, if anyone’s interested)

Cleaver, H., 1992. ‘The inversion of class perspective in Marxian theory: from valorisation to self-valorisation’, in Bonefld, Gunn and Psycopedis (eds) Open Marxism Volume II (text available here)


  1. Reproduction, self-valorisation and the “women question” (July 14th)

Dalla Costa, M., and James, S., 1971. ‘Women and the subversion of the community’, available online at:

Cleaver, H., 1971. ‘On self-valorisation in Mariarosa Dalla Costa’s Women and the Subvrsion of the Community’, available online at:


  1. Mash-up Catch-up (July 28th)

Panzieri, R., 1964. ‘Socilaist use of Workers Inquiry’, available online at:

Negri, A., 1978. “Lesson 8: Communism and Transition’, in Negri, A. Marx Beyond Marx: Lessons on the Grundrisse. (text available here)

Cox, N. and Federici, S., 1975, ‘Counter-planning from the kitchen: Wages for housework. A perspective on capital and the left’, available online at:


  1. Immaterial Labour, Value, Affect  (August 11th)

Negri, A., 1999. ‘Value and Affect’, boundary 2 (text available here)

Lazzarato, M., 1996 ‘Immaterial labor’, available online at:

Hardt, M., 1999. ‘Affective labor’, boundary 2 (text available here)


8.  Midnight Notes Collective – Enclosures-Commons (25th August)

Midnight Notes Collective, 1990. ‘The New Enclosures’, available online at:

Federici, S., 1990. ‘The debt crisis, Africa and the new enclosures’, available online at:

Dyer-Witheford, N., 2006. ‘The circulation of the common’, available online at:


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