Next Meeting Monday 28th May 18:00 – Organising convergence, brainstorming funding proposals, new ideas welcome

Next Meeting Monday 28th May 18:00

Place: Meet in UCL Main Quad, WC1E 6BT, on the grass, moving inside to room 305 Pearson Building as it gets colder. Directions at the bottom.

Rough agenda: 

• Hammer out details of our first Convergence on Occupy Research Ethics for the Call Out – titles for workshops, etc.

• Plan where and to whom to distribute the Call Out – use and organise our networks. 

• Further planning for the functioning of the Convergence – structure/structurelessness, facilitation, participation, livestreaming/recording, possible products of the convergence, next steps, maybe distributing texts beforehand, social media presence (facebook event), etc. 

• Ideas for ORC funding proposals, such as for the Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Awards – e.g. more events, a journal, etc. Deadline for Antipode 30th June.

• Any other ideas for ORC.

Please come along and get involved!


If you arrive late and we’re no longer outside, you can call me (Simon) on 0786 2258 733, and/or try to find your way inside:

To find Pearson building, when you enter the Quad from Gower street turn left and the entrance is in the corner nearest to Gower St, the NW corner. Enter the black door by the ramp in the corner, turn right and go to the third floor (there is an elevator as well as stairs). See this UCL map for location of Pearson Building. This google map shows the exact position of the big black door you need to enter through.


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