Next ORC meeting

Hello comrades, companions and cotravellers.

We need to have another meeting. The withdrawal must be getting too much for some, it would be inhumane to withhold it any longer! We had a lovely chat last Monday at Cuts Café, and we’re really keen to keep up the momentum from that meeting’s great ideas and start planning how we’re going to move forward as a group.

So let’s do do do do a doodle (that was attempted singing, not mocking those who stammer!):

All our meetings so far have been in London, but our network is expanding fast so if anyone outside London would like to be involved in the meeting, let us know, preferably through the mailing list if you’re on it, or else by emailing us, and we can look into trying to open the meeting up to virtual participation by livestream.

Notes from our last meeting coming soon x

PS. We should discuss the possibility of moving the ORC mailing list from google groups to We chose the former initially because of concerns over riseup’s reliability. More experience seems to show riseup lists are pretty reliable (email accounts maybe not so much), and google groups isn’t very secure. So it seems like a good idea, especially if we might be planning actions or anything in the future.


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