Occupy Research Repository project

One of our now ongoing projects will be an Occupy Research Repository. It has its own page here where progress on the project will be collated. Here’s the first info on it:


ORC discussions have identified two big issues that we feel can both be addressed on this page.

1. There does not seem to exist yet a comprehensive compilation of research that has been done and published on Occupy. Here we wish to institute an Occupy Research Repository, which we hope will facilitate the developing debates and discourses on the theory and practice of Occupy. To get us started, here’s an open access google doc in which we can start collating available articles. Please add texts in alphabetical order by author surname in a bibliographical style, and note afterwords where the text is freely available online. If it is not freely available, please email us a digital copy if you have one and we will see to making it available, in the interests of freedom of information.

Once we have some texts collected we plan to work with the wonderful site http://aaaaarg.org to make the texts available. We will create an Occupy Research Repository ‘issue’ there where the texts will be grouped, and we will create a guide here on how and why to use, support and maintain free library sites like aaaaarg.org, which are not just helpful to all those interested in furthering knowledge and understanding, but are an absolutely vital resource for researchers, professional and otherwise, who cannot afford, individually or even through their institution, access to expensive books and journals.

Once again, here’s the google doc in which we can start to collate research on Occupy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XnTkMN7gbZaYq4J8tESaY7yR2PAJf4gJR_PXWUhl9WY/edit

2. As hinted at above, we hope to also collate links to other free online libraries, again with help on how and why we should use and support these priceless social assets.


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