Notes from ORC meeting 01/08/12

Notes from ORC post-convergence meeting in London 01/08/2012


It was a smallish group so we didn’t spend much time talking about the process of the convergence, we focused on the various project ideas that emerged from it and what needs to be done to get them off the ground.


Guidelines for activist research.

Sam has brought the idea up at an Occupy London GA.

We need a date for Ethics of Researching Occupy guidelines to be drawn up collectively with an OL GA.

When? 8th/9th September to be proposed to Occupy.

Advertise planning meeting through ORC & OL networks.

We shouldn’t bring a draft, but we could introduce the idea including some ideas that have been discussed already. Also examples of how it’s been done before.

Put up on website beforehand?

We’ll need a planning meeting to discuss facilitation and how to introduce it. Doodle time!


Two Spanish comrades arrive, involved Spanish movements, later they interview Sam in Spanish.



–      Big challenge. First step could be to collate articles on Occupy. [Note from Simon after the event – I like the name Occupy Research Repository. Thoughts?]

–      This would establish the space for Occupy writings which can then be developed into our own journal. In short, let’s do this a bit later. (Email if you want to work on this!)


Collective Writing

Start with a workshop to investigate the idea? Send call out to gauge interest.


Broaden Links

Cross networks

Occupy Research

PARN – Saturday day of workshops on participatory & activist research methodologies

Militant Postgrad Research Network (initially Geography)

Leeds – broad network inc academics & campaign for public university & really open university & space project & trade union education people. Aiming to oppose what’s happening to institutions and propose alternatives.

Action: Collectively write description of ORC to send out to other networks, who we are and what we do


Study Group?

Phil actioned to email list. Possible crossover with Collective Writing group?


Direct Action Research?

No one at the meeting really has clear ideas of exactly how to take this forward and make it workable. A work in progress?



Funding, hosting etc

BACKUP!!!! (how?)

Edit generic user – give lower privileges so it can’t delete the blog!

People please check ORC email inbox

People should still be encouraged to write reflections and blog posts



Request convergence feedback – send out feedback request form.

People should still be encouraged to write reflections and blog posts


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One Response to Notes from ORC meeting 01/08/12

  1. adymacsut says:

    We also have in Bucharest (Romania) this knid of civic action.

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