Collective Writing Call Out


At the convergence in July and again Wednesday evening at the latest ORC meeting we briefly discussed a collective writing study group so we can perhaps work together on research and what research should look like, perhaps challenging how research and writing is traditionally done to create a more emancipatory/radical way of writing. This group may be helpful for active researchers to share, support and read each others research and work, for activists who want to help with the collating and writing-up of research and for those wanting to work with others to research and write-up together research to explore the possibilities of collective writing beyond collaborative writing. Anyone is welcome to take part and see what we come up with hopefully quashing the binary of researcher/activist.
If you are interested please respond. It may be good to have a first meeting which should be representative of the group itself in terms of who is involved. It may be that we want to start by discussing what collective writing may look like and think about how we might use collective writing and sharing of research. Whilst it may be particularly helpful to students it should also help anyone interested in researching any area. So please respond if you are interested so we can decide when/if we should meet and to start discussing what collective writing might look like. Thank you.
This project now has its own page here, where further info will go as things develop. To contact us please see our About page.

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